Thursday, March 18, 2010

Social media tops search engines

In what has to be seen as a victory for social media, Facebook topped Google last week as the most-visited site in the U.S. Interest in social media is on the upswing at A/E firms, and clearly it's more critical than ever to be ride the wave.

What is your firm doing to capture this captive audience? How are you positioning yourselves to succeed in this new era of instant communication?


  1. My firm is not currently using Facebook, however we are active on Twitter and LinkedIn. Those two outlets prove to be working well, as we've come across several solicitations and an increase in traffic to our website. In my opinion, Facebook doesn't seem to hold as strong of presence as other SoMe outlets in the A/E/C industry right now.

  2. That's interesting. We have been really surprised how many contacts we get from having a Facebook site. It is also noted by every one of our potential recruits as a place they researched us. Of course, we check out their Facebook accounts as well. My take? They are all tools with specific goals. We are active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, all for different purposes. We also go out now and again and drink beer with actual people, some of whom we never even met on Twitter or Facebook. There is a time and purpose for all things....


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