Friday, February 26, 2010

Survey says ...

Did you know 81% of architecture, engineering, planning and environmental consulting firms have dress codes? Have you heard that 36% of firms offer benefits for domestic partners, up from 14% in 2001? Would you have guessed that 38% of firms have policies on green commuting these days? Or that almost two-thirds of firms have policies against employee moonlighting? Or that almost one-third have policies dictating what you can display in your workspace?

If you think those statistics are interesting, you just need to get your hands on ZweigWhite's brand new 2010 Policies, Procedures & Benefits Survey for hundreds more compelling tidbits from HR departments across the industry. If you haven't already ordered a copy for your firm, it's about time you did so, if for no other reason, to find the answers you know you need.

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