Friday, May 28, 2010

Keep those creative juices flowing!

With the long holiday weekend mere hours away, we've decided to extend the deadline for our second contest in The Board Room for another month, meaning you now have until June 25 to get inspired and put together a spectacular example of your creativity. We're also tweaking the contest a bit to help allay the concerns of some potential entrants. Our preference is still finding a creative use for your plastic bottles, cans, or other recyclables from around the office, but if you'd prefer to go a more traditional route, a la world-record card stacker Bryan Berg, that's fine too.

Finally, there is no need to send your model to us. Just take a picture and email your entry by June 25. we prefer high-resolution JPGs, but other formats will work. Enjoy your holiday weekend, and don't forget to save all those empty bottles and cans from the neighborhood barbecue for your award-winning entry!

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