Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is your architecture firm a sweat shop?

All of us complain about our jobs from time to time, but when an entire profession gets the reputation of being littered with sweatshop-like firms, there's clearly a problem. Complaints about long hours and not enough pay seem to be on the rise these days across the industry.

So, what's it like at your firm? Have you seen the "sweatshop" mentality at your firm or one where you used to work? Who is to blame for the proliferation of these substandard working conditions? What should be done about them?

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  1. I just graduated with a masters in architecture and have not personally worked at any firms with a "sweatshop" mentality, but I know two people who work at Gensler in LA who are frustrated with the hours they work. They have been know to arrive at a Friday night dinner with friends (7 or 8pm) just after getting off work. Seriously I will quit and find another firm or line of work if I ever work at a place like that, as well as let them know how I feel. In Europe, many places have an afternoon break, and they have more sane working hours and more vacation time then the US; it is out of hand at some places and unbalanced.


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